Welcome to the Alicante Concert Society [Sociedad de Conciertos de Alicante] website

If you are reading this page there is no doubt that you are interested in music, whether you are a professional, an interpreter, a student or simply an amateur. We hope that you will not be disappointed.

Here you can find information on all the artists who have visited us, their performances, articles published about their concerts, copies of the programmes, drawings that Xavier Soler has generously done for us, details on how to join our Society and lots more.

The Alicante Concert Society has become a prestigious forum thanks to a lot of hard work and effort. Our desire has always been quality rather than quantity and we have been rewarded by many leading international performers, who were initially reluctant to visit small cities, but agreed to perform in ours.

Since our establishment in 1972 we have had to practically restrict our activity to chamber music. Taking on major orchestras, opera and ballet would have meant bankruptcy for the Society. One Symphony Orchestra, of a similar quality to our soloist visitors, would amount to more than six months of membership payments.

We depend primarily on the enthusiastic collaboration of our members, among whom there are many young people paying reduced fees. It has been a great pleasure since the first concert to have more members than the permitted capacity for Alicante's main theatre [Teatro Principal], where our events are usually held.

Finally, we must not forget to show our gratitude to the different institutions that have valued our efforts with their support, and particularly want to thank CAM bank. We are saddened that the economic crisis dragged such an institution down that did so much for Alicante, and consider it our special duty to hand express recognition to them for all the valuable help that they offered since we began.

We would like to welcome everyone to Alicante's Concert Society. We always count on the collaboration and constructive criticism of music lovers or anyone who may be interested.

Thank you very much for your attention.


You can find the biography and the program to play by each artist in the Spanish language.