In this section, you can consult the list of concerts planned as of the date you are accessing the information.
Our concert schedule covers the period from October each year to the following May, offering around 18 concerts a year. Therefore, we subdivide the schedule so it can be consulted more easily.
Naturally, these advance schedules are subject to change for various reasons so we ask you always to consult the section "Highlight: Next concert" before going to attend a concert on the scheduled date.
At the start of each month, members also receive information, via the regular circulars, about the concerts scheduled for that month with a short description of the qualities of the performer or performers visiting us and of the programme they will be offering us on the date indicated.
We prefer to send these circulars to members by e-mail to the address given to us. If you have not yet given us your e-mail address, we ask you to send it to This will help the society to reduce its costs and make greater resources available to hire more and better performers of a truly international standard.
If you are not a member and would like to attend the concerts, we ask you to consult the section "How to join". Tickets are not sold for individual concerts and access to the concert hall is restricted to members of the society.


Events in the 2015-2016 schedule

Miércoles, 7 de octubre 2015             Mª JOSÉ MONTIEL, mezzosoprano

                                                                 LAURENCE VERNA, piano 


Lunes, 19 de octubre 2015                 ]W[ ENSEMBLE DE VIENTOS

                                                                  CON ENRIQUE BAGARÍA, piano 


Miércoles, 11 de noviembre 2015     CUARTETO EMERSON


Lunes, 30 de noviembre 2015            DAVID GERINGAS, chelo

                                                                  IAN FOUNTAIN, piano


Miércoles, 16 de diciembre 2015       YEFIM BRONFMAN, piano  


Martes, 22 de diciembre 2015             ADOLFO GUTIÉRREZ, violonchelo

                                                                  DAVID KADOUCH, piano


Lunes, 18 de enero 2016                    LUIS FERNANDO PÉREZ, piano


Lunes, 25 de enero 2016                    ALEXEI VOLODÍN, piano


Lunes, 8 de febrero 2016                     PAUL LEWIS, piano


Lunes, 22 de febrero 2016                   TRÍO GUARNERI PRAGA


Lunes, 7 de marzo 2016                       IVO POGORELICH, piano


Lunes, 14 de marzo 2016                     LUCAS MACIAS, oboe

                                                                   CON ENSEMBLE ORQUESTA MOZART


Lunes, 18 de abril del 2016                  CUARTETO QUIROGA

                                                                   VALENTIN ERBEN, violonchelo


Lunes, 25 de abril de 2016                   NATALIA GUTMAN, violonchelo

                                                                   ELISSO VIRSALADZE, piano


Viernes, 6 de mayo 2016                      ANDRÁS SCHIFF, piano 


Lunes, 16 de mayo 2016                      JANINE JANSEN, violín

                                                                  ITAMAR GOLAN, piano


Lunes, 23 de mayo 2016                        XXXI PREMIO DE INTERPRETACIÓN


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